A great frame does more than beautify the art it surrounds; it touches the entire room, adding elegance and personal style.

If the exterior of the window has protective cover, then the stained glass isn't sealed or caulked into place.  An adjustment of items is achievement framed, akin admired memorabilia.  These kinds of archival products usually do not contain chemicals that could otherwise degrade your pictures with time.

Stain Glass : See Gallery

Not many of us have the time or inclination to become creative, and the finest selection is always to go to specialist frame makers for individualized framing.  Picture frame mats certainly are a wonderful way to make your framed photos look amazing.

Frames should enhance the art it surrounds, not detract from or compete with it. Large, bold frames add energy to neutral mat treatments. Mats should also enhance the art. Wider mats help spotlight the art, drawing the viewer's eye into the image.

Custom Framing : See Gallery

To come up having a masterpiece for any artist, be it a singer, dancer, poet or even a painter, it takes a lot of thought and creativity to mould up a perception and put it into reality.  Sixty-two percent of people are not even conscious there are different forms of glass designed for picture framing.  You can find out more about picture framing and also the wide various supplies and picture frames that are available conveniently on this website.

Conservation Framing : See Gallery

The CCFramer specializes in caring for your original or vintage needlework. From the proper techniques for cleaning to proper conservation mounting and framing treatments, we can help you preserve your needlework for years to come.

Needlework Framing : See Gallery

Custom, pre made beveled and regular mirrors are available for your needs.

Premade Beveled Mirror size are available with 11/4 beveled

  • 16x20 - $ 31.00
  • 20x24 - $ 40.36
  • 24x30 - $ 54.89
  • 24x36 - $ 61.34
  • 32x40 - $ 91.48
  • 36x48 - $ 118.38
Mirrors : See Gallery

Our professional custom framers will help you create a design to complement your d├ęcor, allowing you to suit your personal tastes and the essence of your art.

Our trained staff will give you as much artistic advice as you want. Or, they'll stand back and let you make the decisions. Either way, you can be sure that your art is framed in a way that will look great for years to come.

Design Assistance : Read More

If you've been searching for the perfect print for your home or office, The CCFramer can help. Our extensive resources give you access to thousands of prints, either through our catalogs or by using our Virtual Gallery. With our Special Order Service, you can generally receive your prints in a few days.

Special Order Prints : Read More

The art on your walls plays an integral role in conveying the attitude and philosophy of your company. Whether your environment is an office, a restaurant, a hotel, or a beauty salon, what and how you frame should be as distinctive as the work you do.

From elaborate shadowboxes of classic cars for a theme restaurant to framing a staff photograph, The CCFramer can help you bring your ideas to life.

Art & framing services for businesses : See Gallery

Anything you can imagine to be framed

  • Calligraphy
  • Canvas Stretching
  • Certificates
  • Company awards
  • Company history
  • Conservation Framing
  • Diplomas
  • Dry mounting
  • Fabric Matting
  • Family Heirlooms
  • Glass Replacement
  • Map and Charts
  • Mirrors
  • Multiple opening mats
  • Lithographs/Posters
  • Oil cleaning
  • Oversize framing and matting
  • Pastels
  • Sports Jersey's
  • Tapestries and needlepoint
  • Wedding Items
  • Photographs
  • Serigraphs/Watercolors
  • Shadow boxes of all types
Unique Framing Ideas : See Gallery

All value frames are great selections with everyday value.You will receive our same expert design and consultation service. All our value frames are custom made to the size that looks best for your arts.

Value Framing : See Gallery

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Installation and Delivery

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